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Personal law attorney. Legal protection and representation. Family, property and administrative cases.

William Rhoades


Law School:

Oxford University in England, B.A. (Jurisprudence, 1994)Columbia University, LL.M. (International Business, 1996)Dalhousie University, LL.B. (1998) 


McGill University, M.A.; B.A. (History & Political Science, 1992)


New York State Bar (1996)US District Court, Southern District of NY (1998)US District Court, Eastern District of NY (1999)


The first and potentially most important decision regarding your case is choosing your attorney. My vast experience helps to choose a win-win strategy and solve the case with the maximum benefit for you. I represent my clients in legal proceedings in New York in family, administrative and property cases.

When hiring a lawyer, each client expects help in inducing a court decision in his favor. This is the measure of the professionalism of a lawyer. For all my 20 years of law practice, I had only 5 lost cases. Even in the most hopeless cases, I try to help my client and honestly explain the chances that he has. In addition, according to my standard contract, I am ready to return my legal fee if I do not achieve the goal set.




Family Law 


Hereditary Cases


Administrative Cases


Economic Disputes

How I Work


At the very moment when you are faced with the need to go to court or solve the problem in a pretrial order, call me. You should not delay this decision - the sooner you tell me about the case, the more likely I can help you.




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Solving the Case

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Whatever happens, I can help you to rationally and carefully consider the case and advise what are the possible options. It's free.

Choosing an attorney may be confusing...

    It may be hard to decide which lawyer to hire as the advocacy market in NY is oversaturated and not familiar to you.
    You may doubt that the hired lawyer will really solve the case in your favor and help with bureaucratic issues, and not just take the money and shrug his shoulders.
    Appealing to a lawyer without a license can be fraught with a lost case and wasted money.
    It may seem to you that your case is so bad that a lawyer won't help.

I can dispel your doubts:

I give my clients the opportunity to get maximum information about me and my reputation earned within 15 years of successful advocacy practice, I never hide the real testimonials from my former clients. You can contact them personally.

It's possible to split the payments for my services into several stages. Also, if the positive result is not achieved I'm ready to return the full legal fee which I received from you. I sign a legal contract with any of my clients.

I advise by phone for free and don't impose my services. At the stage of telephone consultation, you can to understand whether you need a lawyer and whether I am the one specialist who you really need.

Best Cases


In favor of the plaintiff, $ 13,500 was recovered from the respondent surgeon for improperly performing cosmetic surgery for correcting the shape of the plaintiff’s nose. 
The plaintiff claimed that she, as a patient, had entered into a contract with the surgeon, and he agreed to perform plastic surgery of her nose in order to increase her aesthetic appeal. The appearance of the plaintiff didn't improve, actually, her face was disfigured. I helped the woman to receive her pain and suffering money.


On 04.03.2017, the Family Court of the State of New York satisfied the claims of attorney William Rhoades. in the interests of the Client about deprivation of parental rights.
The court recognized that the father must be deprived of parental rights, as he does not fulfill his obligations to the child in accordance with the norms of the Family Law. It was a difficult case, but I have proven that the presence of the father negatively affects the child, causes aggression in him immediately and destroys the psyche.


In June 2019, the inheritance division case was considered at the Surrogate’s Court of the State of New York. The plaintiff insisted that his father died without leaving a will, and the plaintiff is the primary heir. 
I helped the plaintiff to prove to the court that he is the successor, and can count on 80% of the entire inheritance, which included significant amounts in accounts in banks of America, as well as 3 mansions in Hampton, a yacht fleet and 500 square meters of commercial real estate in NY.


William Rhoades is literally a holy man. Without him, I would now be penniless, as they tried to deprive me of the inheritance through the courts. Fortunately, the world is not without good people, and Mr. Rhoades helped me with my issue. He disposed me to him from the very first phone call, when he told me clearly and on business, what my chances are and how he can help me. Thank you once more!

October 28, 2017


Jack Dorsey

When my husband started drinking and attacking me, I decided to leave him quietly, but my friend advised me to turn to a lawyer and sue half of the property from my husband. Mr. Rhoades showed the utmost delicacy, and in addition advised me to a good and inexpensive psychologist. He represented me in court and obtained the division of property and compensation for moral and physical damage. 

June 13, 2018


Alice Jackson

This lawyer is able to perfectly combine customer care and perseverance when conducting legal affairs. My business required a serious approach and even some aggressiveness. The first time, working with Mr. Rhoades, I was a little doubtful of his abilities, because visually this person seems very polite and gentle. However, when I saw him in action, I realized that I had made the right choice. 

August 04, 2018


Jack Elons, NewComp


At the very moment when you are faced with the need to go to court or solve the problem in a pretrial order, call me or visit my office. You should not delay this decision - the sooner you tell me about the case, the more likely I can help you.


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