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Quotes about us
People's deputy of Ukraine, creator and founder of the Bukovel
The "WOO agency" team are the professionals in their sphere. It is pleasant to work with people, who know what the client needs, who confidently achieve their goal, despite the short deadlines or difficulties during the task fulfillment. "WOO agency" is not just the Bukovel's contractor, but the real partner, who puts his energy and soul as well as the resort team in order to achieve a result. Nowadays social network is a powerful and important communication channel. People should know how to work properly with it. To my mind, it is important to entrust the task to the real professionals, such as "WOO agency".
As for me "WOO agency" is a highly trained specialist in SMM sphere. Both quality of work and professionalism encourage to cooperate again and again.
Co-owner of "23 Restaurants"
There is a great difference between product promotion strategy, and just nice photos on Instagram. I appreciate the "WOO agency" team for a strategic vision, for the ability to explain complex things easily.
Executive partner of "Korona West SK s.r.o."
We have been working with, and are grateful to the "WOO agency", that has promoted image marketing of the trademarks. The results are much better than we have expected. We are attracted by focusing on target segment, and detailed analysis of interest in the product, which allows to adjust the top group, and get further information about the strengths and weaknesses of the product.
Author of the books for parents and teenagers: "The young entrepreneur's book", "How to tell children about the money", "I want to earn money", "Advices for Kids and Teens +60 Ideas for Income", "'Financial Stories for Teenagers", "How to Arrange a Children's Business camp or Series of Training programs"
I am grateful to the agency for promoting our books for parents and teenagers on social networks. Thanks to the advertising campaign of the "WOO agency", our book "Young Entrepreneur" took the third place according to the monthly sales on the kniga.biz.ua online store.
Owner of the "Stara Pravda hotel"
In a few words, it is easy for us to work with "WOO agency". Everything is in time, the respond to any requests or suggestions is immediate. It is clear and evident that the agency has a desire to develop this direction. It's nice when you work with people who think by large-scale categories, and do not live in temporary, one-time benefit.