"Bukovel is the heart of the Carpathian Mountains."

It is the epicenter of events, the point of entry into the Carpathians Mountains, the center of gravity, a place where life, business, and tourism of the whole Carpathian region pulsate. Millions of tourists love this place, and Bukovel loves the tourists as well.

For the "WOO agency" Bukovel is a client relation with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unspoken understanding, and the realization of the most creative ideas. It is live broadcast by webcams from an office in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Bukovel is a leader and honor.

Creative projects:

In the winter season we started a communication platform "Just that winter!". This moto was proposed by the winner of the competition Inna Borovets: "Creativity is a competitive advantage of Ukrainian youth".
In 2020 we get more than 1 300 000 likes for "Bukovel" on social media.

Creating a sticker package in Telegram is another way to personalize the channel and make it more interesting for different types of users. This non-standard, though quite popular, way to diversify the channel also improves brand awareness, customer loyalty, traffic, and sales.

We are actively promoting the Bukovel resort on the Facebook and Instagram platforms, so access to the Telegram platform is another opportunity to increase the potential audience and commitment to the brand in an interesting and fun way, as Telegram is one of the young and ambitious sites that has already taken its high position in the list of leaders.

Get acquainted with our bright, funny, we would even say, cool stickers, which will add some humor and originality to your virtual conversation;)