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Everything big starts with an idea

The history of this clinic began with one family and the desire to provide good customer service.

Guests of the dental clinic in Uzhgorod come here not only from neighboring cities,
as well as from abroad, from Slovakia.

The Estet Dental clinic, already well-known among clients, wanted to breathe new life into itself.


Our goal was for the dental clinic to radiate family traditions and at the same time - restrained sophistication and quality of work.
Visiting the dentist should be a family pleasure, accompanying feel of firmness and perfection in actions, confidence and so on.

A peculiar challenge was that people are already familiar with the clinic, it has regular customers and a certain image. We had to create an existing and formed brand from scratch so that it would be perceived in a new way and at the same time not betray its best traditions.

We decided to move away from the classic idea of dental clinics: the lack of familiar colors, tooth symbols and the words "dental", "dentistry" and so on.
We found inspiration in the family of the founders themselves, who stick together for a common goal and this cohesion is crucial for the brand.


When designing the logo and corporate identity for the clinic, we wanted to show clarity and restraint, while - dynamics. Inspired by architecture and lines, we have created a logo that is dynamic and capable of constant change.

GRONO departs from the usual standards of the dental clinic, focusing on sophistication in detail, manners and work. That is why identity was born simple and dynamic.

This is how the image of the GRONO clinic was created. And with each step its perfection was formed.
Perfection of form, flexible, strong and confident, lines and image.
Perfection of the best traditions.

Traditions, lines, architecture