Olly Food — healthy food delivery service for the whole day. The company currently works in Kharkiv, Dnipro and Zaporizhia. Olly Food helps people achieve their fitness goals twice as fast.

From the begging of cooperation with the Olly Food healthy food delivery service, we realized one thing. It's time to add brightness, conceptuality, and creativity.

So we started by adapting the visual style of Olly Food pages. We have preserved the brand's corporate colors and logo. Refresh it with bright accents.

Execute conceptual photography.

To inspirit the pages the WOO Company team held a photo shoot for Olly Food products. The task was to maintain a single visual style using previously selected colors: carrot, beige and blue.

Light and color have become the main focuses in creating photo content.

Sharp shadows, design light on the model, the effect of reflection allowed to create unique photos for the brand.

Photographer @ yan1tata and model @ engi.emerald helped us with the photo shoot for Olly Food.

In addition to running Olly Food's Facebook and Instagram pages and working on interactive stories, the WOO team has developed a plan for an advertising campaign, a separate area of which was a promo for Zaporizhia.

During the period 01.12.20-21.02.21 advertising campaigns on social networks reached 345,876 users.



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46 797 interactions

with advertising publications.


1.93 million views

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329 goal completions

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