Respect Dental Kids Dental Center has introduced a new service "Treatment of children in their sleep." The main problem was that in Ivano-Frankivsk dental clinics have already used this service and actively promoted it on the market. In this regard, the task was to create a clear communication strategy that will be able to distinguish "Respect Dental" from competitors and increase customer flow for this procedure.


We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with dentists and anesthesiologists to learn more about the service itself and the behavior of parents.
We had a hypothesis that parents distrust this type of treatment and feel fear for their children, because the treatment takes place under deep anesthesia. After each interview, we came to the conclusion that our hypothesis is correct - all doctors called fear the main problem of parents.


"My little hero"
We created a communication strategy based on the idea of "My little hero".
Every mother is proud of her child when she takes the first step, says the first word, and for the first time makes a haircut in a barbershop or finds a best friend. And as you know: the heroes are not afraid of anything.
And who is a better hero than an astronaut who conquers space.