Semmering is an Austrian ski resort in a place with the great history and beautiful nature. Founded in 1888, today it is a classic Austrianyear-round resort with skiing and sledding routes in winter, and a modern Bikepark, and walking routes in summer.

Due to its unique scenery, convenient location, ancient villas and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the resort has its own unique charm, and attracts thousands of tourists. "WOO agency's" collaboration with Semmering is to apply modern techniques to create a positive brand image, use innovative promotion tools, and design and implement advertising campaigns to show the positives and benefits of the customer.

We created a well-managed and guided digital strategy: exciting image-building content, special tone of voice, structural plan of posting for defining core audience and twenty-four-hour communication.

We also introduced interactives for the growth of interaction, livestreams from the heart of the Alps, segmented targeting. We conquered the steepest slopes of social networks.