Challenge:The Uteam approached us with a clear technical task.
1. "Communicate to CA the positioning of the brand:" We are connected cities ".
2. Use the principle of "own to own".
3. Highlight Uteam's updated Key Messege with connected cities.
We had to come up with the idea and concept of the video, write a script and shoot a video that will meet the specifications and will look modern, not standard.

Insight:We analyzed videos of Ukrainian and foreign Internet providers. They were all similar to each other and broadcast the same message - speed.Our task was different. We had to highlight the connection between people, to show its importance and way.
After an in-depth analysis and several hours of brainstorming, offering the most varied options: "Apocalypse", "Lover Hero" and "The Matrix", the WOO team came to a unanimous decision that fully met the technical task and emphasized the slogan: "Uteam - connected cities "- the best!

Idea:It is so important that we all have a connection with each other.To allow the busy Dad in Zoom write to his wife that he would be home soon. So that your wife could prepare a delicious dinner according to the new recipe of your favorite food blogger, and your neighbor from above gets the most emotions from cheering for his football team!
It is important to have a unifying connection, but it is even more important to constantly maintain it at a cool level, which is exactly what Uteam does!

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