'The Young Entrepreneur's Book'

'The Young Entrepreneur's Book'
'The Young Entrepreneur's Book' is created for children and their parents. This edition is an essential step for a teenager to organize his/her own profitable business. This book covers real ways of making money, gives useful suggestions on the step-by-step plan creation of your own business. Here you can find tips on how to organize your personal work as well as the team work; to find a common language with partners, customers, clients; track incomes and expenses; learn how the big and small business is organized, and most importantly: earn your first own money.
We are developing content and promotion strategies not only for shops or restaurants. We have advertisement shootings and books' distribution on social networks in our huge baggage of experience.

We have succeeded in implementing an advertising campaign whereby 'The Young Entrepreneur's Book' was ranked the 3rd place in the sales of the month of online store

Photographer: Andriy Oliynyk
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