The brand MTB BIKE, that has been on the market for 20 years, needs major changes, because visually it remains in 2000.

The MTB BIKE has been in the Ivano-Frankivsk bicycle market for 20 years. They are the official dealers of global bicycle brands in Ukraine. Only a lazy person didn't buy the bike there. It is improper to look in 2020 the same as in 2000. That's why they decided to change dramatically, and t ask us to do this.

- 'I bought my bike in the store on Melnyk Street'
- 'In the МТВ ВІКЕ store?'
- 'I don't know, the store on Melnyk Street.'

Everybody bought the bikes in the МТВ ВІКЕ, but they didn't know either the name or the logo of the store. The Melnyk Street was the outstanding feature for brand awareness. Moreover, the brand wasn't in social networks, so they worked only by the "female radio" method.


"Hello, I bring up to date the MTB BIKE"
We renewed everything from logo to identity.
The logo emphasizes brand restraint and visually render the product motive. The official dealer of global bike brands in Ukraine looks different now: stylish, dynamic and beautiful.

New identity is for every product category and services. There are minimalistic and clear symbols in new MTB BIKE branding.

The brand colors were changed into: light(warm), red and black. Together, they build a new brand harmony for the official dealer of global bicycle brands in Ukraine.

Realization of the idea:
You can see the new interesting logo in the social networks, and in the store. Clear identity is a guide in the store. You also can enjoy a cool visual design in social networks, MTB BIKE promotions and bonuses that didn't exist previously.