Personal Brand

in social network

People buy from other people because they trust them, and the development of a personal brand strengthens that trust


Personal brand -

it is a recognizable image of a person who inspires, develops, sells

it is a person-association that we mention as soon as we talk about a specific area of life

thanks to him we buy goods or services: Musk, Jobs, Dubilet, Zablocki

Social networks for personal brand

these are personal media that provide an opportunity to influence the opinion of subscribers and shape it



Unfortunately, not everyone uses the available social media tools to promote their personal brand

Why don't you develop a personal brand on social media? 

Fear and uncertainty. From the fear of filming people and the panic when you try to say everything right, to the uncertainty of the quality of content.

No Time. Too lazy to shoot.

What to talk about, if everyone already knows about it? Nobody is interested in my life. I do not have enough competence.

I do not believe that it will give anything.


What should I do? 

Start the way you started your life when you believed that anything was possible, even if others didn't believe it.

Take a self-briefing or a short interview and create a content strategy for personal brand development: favorite business, business, victories and defeats, friends, hobbies, sports, family...

Constantly and systematically promote a personal brand that will form in the audience an understanding of who you are and what kind of product you have, they will start to trust you more, and then buy.

Enlist the support of assistants who will free up your time and take over the entire routine - designing stories, preparing posts, generating ideas and more.

How can we help you?

Create a strategy for the development of your personal brand based on the interview.

Develop sections of publications for your social networks. This will allow you to fill the pages with interesting and relevant content.

Create a visual image, ie how you will be seen and perceived by subscribers.

Create fresh ideas for publications and stories, because we always follow the trends of social networks.

Create posts and stories and publish them.

Promote posts on social networks with paid Facebook advertising (targeting).

Motivate and inspire, because we understand how difficult it is.



whom we have already helped


Oksana Barchuk



Sergii Bidenko

reputation and anti-crisis advisor


Dmytro Melnykovych


The cost of support per month

from11 900 UAH


one-time services:

◆ deep briefing with facilitator;

◆ development of visual style and concept of promotion in social networks;

◆ registration of accounts: Facebook, Instagram.

monthly services:

◆ adjustment of the promotion plan;

◆ regular creation and publication of content (posts and pages on Facebook, Instagram);

◆ advisory support for the project.