Personal Brand

in social network



◆ creating the image of a professional in their field;

◆ constant high-quality presence in social networks;

◆ increase the recognition of the personal brand.

Oksana Barchuk


Ways to achieve

◆ creating your own visual style;◆ development of the concept of the photo shoot and its holding;◆ constant creation of creative ideas and search for topics, events related to the professional sphere of the client;◆ daily creation of a media plan;◆ constant communication and remote presence at any events of the client, which allows you to generate relevant content.


◆ increase interaction with content on the client's page by 97.5%;

◆ covered accounts 1231;

◆ Photo Session.

The cost of support per month

from11 900 UAH

one-time services:

◆ deep briefing with facilitator;

◆ development of visual style and concept of promotion in social networks;

◆ registration of accounts: Facebook, Instagram.

monthly services:

◆ adjustment of the promotion plan;

◆ regular creation and publication of content (posts and pages on Facebook, Instagram);

◆ advisory support for the project.