Resto chicken

Resto Chicken is not just an ordinary place to eat. It is a new format of restaurant service. Exquisite and gourmet cuisine, stylish and original Loft style, new customized dishes with notes of contemporary culinary tendencies, high-quality European service is all about Resto Chicken.

Having developed a reasonable strategy, set goals and tasks up, we confidently create the content and purposefully promote the brand image itself.
We provide not only the management of pages in social networks: we also produce eateries for the creation of various events and high-quality content.

So, we organized a party called "Happy Halloween", which was held at Resto Chicken. Antarctic clothing for the restaurant staff was provided by our partner, MODNUY DAX, a showroom of designer clothes and gifts from Ukrainian manufacturers.
Soloway DC's dance professionals have helped Resto Chicken employees create "awful-fun" dance numbers.

Our results

Coverage of the post in Facebook: 4.7 thousand
Event Views: 294
Answers to the invitation: 57
Event video views are 1900
The party turned out to be successful, as about a hundred people celebrated Halloween with us at Resto Chiken.

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