The first steps in promotion on social networks: we determine the goals and aims

I think there is no necessity to talk about the place of social networks in a modern life. Most entrepreneurs realize that without online promotion, no one can sell. If, five years ago, online marketing was an additional platform of promotion, then in 2019, having accounts and social buttons on the site, as well as having the site itself, is an absolute must-have for any business.

If you have a business that you want to promote online, the first question that you will have is "How to start"? "Woo Agency" has the answer. There is a marketing tool like this: 5 "W". Who, When, Why, What, Where + How. This is your primary checklist for promoting a page. For whom will you post on social network? Why do you need a social page? When will you post? Where will you look for people? And so on ... In this article, you will learn how to set the goal you want to achieve, how to correctly identify your goal, and how to choose the platform that is right for you.

1. We set a goal

Everything is for something. So, before writing big content plans, decide what do you want to show and what do you want to get from your audience?

One of the typical requests for promotion on social networks is the desire to increase sales. The main thing to remember is to create not only publications, but another types of content, 40% of people do this in inappropriate way.

Increase brand awareness. Goal is quite common; the main advice we can give is to make memorable branding. (More in the previous article)

If you own a website and want to promote it, your goal on social networks may be to increase traffic on your website. In this situation, we advise you to make the profile description as detailed as possible and provide the link in a prominent place.

Social networks are the means of communication with the audience and information support for users. If your questions are answered quickly, your lifeguards are bots and auto-answers. You can find a lot of information about them on the Internet.

"Good aim is a big part of success"

2.Determine the target audience

Imagine your potential buyer. Think about the gender, age, marital status, position, place of residence and rest, person's weekends, his habits and preferences. There is a lifehack. Take one or more loyal clients and ask them to share their profiles. See these people's friends and their posts.

"Follow their habits not only in real life, but also online."

Describe several portraits of your users (3 to 7)

3. Choose the platform

If your business is typical and widespread, you can always look for examples of competitors or partners. If the idea is unique, then you will need to think twice about the strategy of promotion and the choice of social platform.

What platform should you use for a particular platform?

1. Facebook continues to be a universal social network for business. The service has a daily audience of 720 million users and over 2 billion monthly visitors. It is effectively to promote products aimed at financially reliable customers.

2. Instagram is an equally popular network that is visited daily by about 500 million users, with completely different interests. The audience is very diverse - from students to the older generation. This social network is more than just the photos.

3. Youtube. Every day, users search for answers to their questions and problems. This creates an opportunity to build a stable relationship with your potential customers by publishing a short video: useful tips or ways to use the product. User benefit is the first law of video popularity (well, except for kittens, they are for fun). The opportunity of people to watch an informative video of your product or service is much higher than reading. This themed platform is suitable for everyone, but the content creation will be more expensive.

Social media work is already becoming a major promotion for some companies. Platforms let you connect with your client, get to know them more, understand the needs and create what they really need. The most important thing is action. Start promoting your business social networks now. Let's start!