Getting Ready fo the Productive Year: SMM Trends in 2019

How not to get lost in the crowd, set oneself apart from the competitors and keep the potential customers interested? First of all, you have to know the most promising SMM-trends and know how to use them. We compiled a list of the most relevant tools and methods in 2019. Share this article to those who will be interested as well!

Trend No. 1: Emphasizing on Interaction

Creation of the interactive things, polls, and games forms the feeling of contact and increases the affection to the brand, and that's the key points that will be valuable in 2019. "To interest and detain" – this is how your motto should look like.

Trend No. 2: Micro Influencers

Macro-Influencers who have millions of users are taking a back seat in SMM-promotion. The microbloggers with a more active audience of 10-15k and whose pricing policy is much more cheaper, are becoming more effective. Have you noticed how the trends change? First, everybody believed the bright TV advertisement, then the celebrities came, after that the well-known bloggers, and now thought leaders with a small number of subscribers are popular. Therefore, you do not need to focus on the number while choosing a blogger for your service or product promotion in 2019.

Trend No. 3: Longreads are back

Longreads are back in trend. The statistics show that if the topic is interesting indeed, then the subscriber will read till the end even the longest post. But that doesn't actually mean that all the texts should be the size of the one-hundred-meter long papyrus. You have to carry out the balance between the size and the periodicity of such publications. The best time to publish the long posts is the weekdays, and it's better to entertain the audience with the "easy" content on weekends.

Trend No. 4: Shopping Tags in Instagram

Shopping Tags are special tags, when clicked on, users are directed straight to the pages with the products' description, price, and purchase methods. At the moment, the new functionality is only available in Europe and the United States, but developers promise that it will soon be available for the CIS as well.

Trend No. 5: Augmented Reality (AR)

The innovative trend in SMM of 2019 is the elimination of borders between the real and digital world. Many famous brands have already been using this technology. Facebook is already adding AR-tools to Instagram stories. And Snapchat has allowed creating your own Snap Lenses, in which AR elements do not entertain, but have a business function, lead to the order page. Nike has immediately taken advantage of this technology and got a great result - the Air Jordan sneakers were sold out in 20 minutes. The internet stores, for example, can offer customers to 'try on' anything they want online.

Trend No. 6: Fly-by-Night Content

The well-known Instagram stories are coming to the fore and gain the bigger favor among the users.

Their main advantage is that they are only available 24 hours. Studies show that timeframes always push to act, and therefore, it's more likely that the client will review them.

Trend No. 7: Brand With the Founder's Face

This trend is based on the fact that the entrepreneur becomes public, showing what is happening behind the scenes of a beautiful picture. The user finds it very challenging to perceive the restaurant, the car-service and the confectionery as something real, despite the perception of the owner. Giving the face to business by getting acquainted with the founder and the team, makes it more understandable and familiar, and, therefore, it will be much more convincing. As you see, nothing will be radically new in 2019 but overall, the ideas of past years will be improved. However, there is one major detail: the main trend of SMM of 2019 is the greater degree of "humanization" and "energizing" both content and working methods.